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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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Short Notes of my Life
About the same time, I paraphrased some lines of the book of Lucan; but they have not been printed.
In 1747 I printed my account of the collection ยป"fc Houghton, under the title ofAedes Walpolianae. It had been drawn up in the year 1743. I printed but two hundred copies, to give away. It was very incorrectly printed ; another edition, more accurate, and enlarged, was published March 10th, 1752.
In May, 1747,1 took a small house near Twickenham, for seven years. I afterwards bought it, by Act of Parliament, it belonging to minors; and have made great additions and improvements to it. In one of the deeds I found it was called Strawberry Hill.
In this year (1747) and the next, and in 1749, I wrote thirteen numbers in a weekly paper, called Old England, or the Sroad-'bottom Journal, but being sent to the printer without a name, they were published horribly deformed and spoiled. I was rechosen in the new Parliament for Kellington, in Corn -wall. About the same time was published a Letter to tfie Tories, written, as I then believed, by Mr. George Lyttelton, who with his family had come over to Mr. Pelham. As Mr. Lyttelton had been a great enemy of and writer against my father, and as Mr. Pelham had used my father and his friends extremely ill, and neglected the Whigs to court the Tories, I published an answer to that piece, and called it a Letter to the Whigs. It was a careless performance, and written in five days. At the end of the year I wrote two more Letters to the Whigs, but did not publish them till April the next year, when they went through three editions immediately. I had intended to suppress them, but some attacks being made by the Grenvilles on Lord Chief Justice Willes, an intimate friend of my father, particularly by obtaining an Act of Parliament to transfer the assizes from. Ailesbury to Buckingham, I printed them and other pieces.